Right to Immunization

It is undoubtedly that immunization may have positive impact in increasing health status of state. Immunization is needed to prevent common diseases such as Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Polio, and many infectious diseases. However, immunization is not for individual protection purposes, it is a community protection. Therefore, many people can argue the rights to immunization.

Moreover,  person as an individual can be protected from many infectious diseases as long as community immunized already. But it can increase the risk if most of people think in the same way. People not keen to be immunized due to  its invasive procedure  and some of them can get adverse reaction.

On the other hand, people may cannot access to immunization because of price which is expensive and access to health services itself. Therefore, government provide minimum package of immunization such as BCG, Chicken pox, Polio and DPT. This minimum package of immunization can be obtain from primary health care which is exist in every sub district and easy to be accessed. And the additional immunization can only be access able  in Hospital or private practice.

Nevertheless, in my opinion minimum package of immunization which is already provided by Government is mandatory for all Indonesian people. Why? because this package can protect Indonesian people from common and fatal infectious diseases. But they still have a right to access the additional immunization if they can afforded. In conclusion, people have a right of their own health, but they also need to think about the community health through immunization.


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